#TBT a gorgeous picture of our angel 💙 #cute #bradleyloweryfoundation
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Unfortunately I have not been able to do the skydive today due to not reading the small print at booking. They are pretty strict in Dubai when it comes to the state of your medical health. In this case they require BMI under 27 and to be fair Iv not been that in forever haha. I am devastated as I feel like I have let everyone down. However all is not lost as I have booked up to do it once I'm home near where I liveas the UK are not as strict. Then all my friends and family can come and watch so I guess everything does happen for a reason.

Rach took one for the team and did the jump she said it was amazing and even better she did it for the BLF children.
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So Gemma and Rachael will now be taking to the skies ready to jump, everyone wish them Good Luck x x x

To sponsor Gemma and Rachel -

Text - GLRS47 £(amount) to 70070
Many thanks and Wish them luck!!!! xx
If anyone wants to attend this event contact below! Will be a great night 👍🏼 xx
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We have created a temporary shop while ours is being built into the website, to purchase a wristband or #ForBrad badge please visit to purchase, many thanks x
Hi Guys, just a little reminder that we have been keeping a close eye on our fundraisers campaigns. We started off on 23rd February and gave our fundraisers 3 months to raise a min of £200 each, if they did this, we would donate £500 to that child. And at the end of the 3 month the person who has raised the most amount of money, will also win £1000 extra for their child. We have the top 4 fundraisers named here -

1st - Chris Collier
2nd - Phillip Avery
3rd - Gaz Horsley
4th - Kenny Ashton

Remember fundraisers there is still plenty of time to catch up !!!

Good Look All
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Its #nationaldownsyndromeawareness day, we at the Bradley Lowery Foundation are sporting our odd socks.
Are you wearing your odd socks today???
Post a pic of your odd socks in the comments below xx
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This time tomorrow the jump will be complete! Gemma and Rachel will be taking to the air at 8am UK time and 12pm Dubai time.

So many people have done so many wonderful things for Bradley and here at the foundation we want to do as much as we can to help Bradley's Smilers.

To sponsor Gemma and Rachel -

Text - GLRS47 £(amount) to 70070
Many thanks and Wish them luck!!!! xx
World Down Syndrome awareness day Bradley with his odd socks xx
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My brave daughter jumping out of a plane x
Siobhan's scans and blood tests have came back clear, making international happiness day even better!

Now we need to work extra hard to get Siobhan the funds she needs to access the vaccine trial in the USA, as there is an 80% chance of relapse.

Check out Siobhan's Facebook page to read about her journey so far: #CharityTuesday #InternationalHappinessDay
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Not long now before I jump out of a plane to raise money for the brave inspirational kids we are supporting. What ever we raise the foundation is matching it. So let’s see if we can get them £1000 each.

Text GLRS47 £1 to 70070

Siobhan has been admitted to hospital, as she is feeling unwell.
Siobhan has Neuroblastoma and is fundraising to access the vaccine trial in the USA to hopefully prevent relapse.
Let’s all share a red heart for Siobhan to let her know we are thinking of her xx ❤️❤️❤️
I love nothing more than talking about Brad and looking at the photos I have of him. This photo of Bradley was 6 years ago when he was at his grandparents house whilst I was at work. Bradley loved nothing more than been with both sets of grandparents. Family has and always will be important to us. #sharingthelove
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Edie is one of the little girls we are helping, she is in Mexico having treatment but she is going through an awful time. Edies mum has been doing weekly diary updates. Take a few minutes to watch this. Please go over to Edie’s page and give it a like. If you would like to get involved in fundraising give us a message.

At the end of this weeks diary Edie’s mum thanks the foundation as we have sent £10,000 over to support them with unexpected treatment costs. I would just like to say thank you I really do appreciate your gratitude but we don’t need thanks we just want Edie better and at home where she belongs. #keepfighting #spideredeappeal #DIPGawareness
Ear for Alex Easter Fayre
Easter fayre in Hartlepool to raise funds for Ear for Alex. Pie and peas, Shopping stalls, Disco, tombola, raffle, gam...
1st of April 2018 12:00 PM
Still time to get tickets for Alton Towers these can be used any time up to October 2018.
4 tickets available, please click the link on the post and follow instructions on how to get a ticket. x

All money raised from this will go to Siobhan Mather, who is battling Neuroblastoma. xx
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers today.

I can’t put a brave face on today, I can’t be strong today I’m heart broken and my grief is hurting me so bad. This is my first Mother’s Day away from my baby boy and it’s painful and I miss him so so much.

This pain I’m feeling right now the tears that are rolling down my cheeks is the reason I work so hard to get the other children the much needed treatment. This photo that i have used in this post is a hard one to see and not everyone will agree with me putting it on but this is reality. Bradley asked for a bath with me, I knew it would be our last ever bath. I don’t want a parent to ever have to do this. Iv also put a one on that is happy memories because that’s what Bradley is know for his big smile.

I’m sure all use lovely mammys got some beautiful gifts but all our mammies want is their child to live a happy healthy life. You can help this happen, you can give these mams a gift for Mother’s Day by donating just £1, or more if you want to but £1 is not a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk now a days.

Every penny of the donations will get split between the children we are supporting. As our Mother’s Day gift from the foundation we are going to match fund what ever is raised on this text and just giving link.

If you would like to donate text GLRS47 £1 to 70070
Or follow the link for just giving
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10th of March 2018 01:04 PM
Over the past few months I have been thinking about writing a book. This would have mine and Bradley’s story in it, including the good, the bad and the ugly. There is so much the public didn’t get to see or don’t know. The book with be filled of happy memories but heartbreaking realities.

Is this something you think people will want to read? Do you think I should do this? I would really love everyone’s opinions on this
We would like to say a huge Happy 3rd Birthday to Evan Hanson.
Evan has autism and we where fundraising for Evan to have a piece of equipment costing just under £3000.
Well I can now reveal, Yesterday Evan’s campaign hit its target.
What an fantastic Birthday present that is.
Thank you to everyone that helped Evans campaign.
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Nearly half way there to our target, please donate what you can every penny counts. Not only am I doing this jump for the beautiful children we support I’m doing it in memory of this beautiful angel, my baby boy my hero ❤️❤️❤️
Text GLRS47 £amount to 70070
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**************RAFFLE TIME *****************

Hi Everyone, as you know Siobhan Mather is our child of the month.
So this Month we have 4 tickets for Alton Tower to raffle off, to raise funds for Siobhan.

To Enter you need to donate to Siobhan's justgiving or text and screen shot your donation in the comments below.

Each person will be given a number, each entry is £5

Please see the funding links below and Good Luck to you all x

TEXT - MATH01 £5 to 70070
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So Today is a very stong and brave little girls Birthday. Kaleigh Lau has reached a huge milestone today and is now 8 years old.
No one thought that would be possible, in 2016 Kaleigh was given just 9 months to survive.
Like most families they where told to take Kaleigh home and make memories.
After seeking on social media Kaleigh parents came accross a treatment in mexico, since then Kaleigh has been traveling to mexico every few weeks to get this treatment that is keeping her alive today.

This doesnt come cheap, so if you would like to give Kaleigh's campaign a Birthday boost you can do so by
donating -
VIA TEXT - DIPG53 £(amount) to 70070 #birthdayboost #DIPGawareness #kaleighlittlelady
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Hi everyone, Brad had loads of support to raise money for him and people conquered their fears on all kind of levels now it is my turn. Iv been thinking for a while that I really wanted to do something and give my support to the children we are helping.

I have decided to do a skydive with my good friend Rachael to raise as much money as possible and it will be split equally between all of our children.

Please support me and Rachael to do this by donating. Every penny counts and will go towards making a huge difference.

I’m mega scared about this but I know my boy will be up their cheering me on.

Thank you for all your support emotionally and for continuing to raise funds it means so much to me.

TEXT GLRS47 £amount to 70070

We want to wish a very Happy 8th Birthday to Kaleigh Lau
After being diagnosied in April 2016 with DIPG (agressive inoprable brain tumour)
they where give a mear 9 months for Kaleigh to survive.
Kaleigh is having a treatment in Mexico which costs around £15000 every 6 weeks
This treatment seems to be working but funds are running low
So if you would like to donate to Kaleigh's appeal and give it a Birthday boost
you can do so here.......

TEXT - DIPG53 £(amount) to 70070
JUSTGIVING - #birthdayboost #DIPG #DIPGawareness
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Easter fayre in Hartlepool to raise funds for Ear for Alex.

Pie and peas, Shopping stalls, Disco, tombola, raffle, games, face painters, glitter tattoos, bouncy castle and much more! Fun for all of the family!

If you have a business or product you would like to sell, please PM us here or on the Ear for Alex fb page.

Tables are £15 each to hire, please message to book!
Ear for Alex Easter Fayre
Easter fayre in Hartlepool to raise funds for Ear for Alex. Pie and peas, Shopping stalls, Disco, tombola, raffle, gam...
1st of April 2018 12:00 PM
Beautiful Isla is going in for an operation today to remove the tumour from her brain. Any operation is dangerous let alone brain surgery, please keep her and her family in your thoughts. Please pray it is a success so we can concentrate on getting her to the USA for the extra treatment she needs. Come on baby girl you can do this #teamisla
We are looking to build a database of children who spend a lot of time in hospital, who are SAFC supporters and who would love to spend a game as our guests in the Bradley Lowery Foundation Box at SAFC.
If you know a child who may wish to use the box, please comment below, or PM the page and we will contact them.
Bradley got to create so many wonderful memories, we know he would love to see others enjoying themselves too. x

This is Siobhan.
Siobhan is just 2 years old and has stage 4 neuroblastoma.
We are helping Siobhan and her family fund raise for a vaccine in the USA. This vaccine costs £200,000 but reduces the risk of Siobhan's cancer returning in the future.
To donate text MATH01 £amount to 70070
or donate via just giving:
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Edie needs our prays and support, she knew her mammy was there even though she is heavily sedated on ventilator. #comeonedie