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28th of May 2017 05:21 PM
Hello.... I have spoken to the lad bible who have apologised for their mistake and would like to support Bradley's foundation moving forward. Although seeing the status was very upsetting mistakes happen and we would like to accept the apology and move forward from this. The lad bible have always supported Bradley's campaign and this has not changed. We have built our campaign on positivity and we would like to continue with this.

Thank you for everyone's continued support.
So I guess I should update use lovely followers on Bradley considering there has been a untrue info spread.

Bradley had radio therapy on Friday which is making him tired but doesn't stop him from giving us them beautiful smiles. His pain in his leg is so much better but he has now got a lot of pain in his side. He is having a quiet weekend and back to hospital for radio therapy on Tuesday to try get pain under control.

Have a lovely bank holiday people, keep smiling πŸ‘Œ
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28th of May 2017 01:12 PM
Hi Guys Lynn here.

Can we ask people who have shared RIP Bradley to take it down, this is clearly been started by a troll, and he is very much alive and kicking, when/if anything was to happen, you will here it here first xxx

Many thanks


We have been donated 2 tickets by Nathon Greathead for the Kell Brook v Errol Spence for tomorrow.
Bidding starts now and will end at 8pm tonight and tickets can be picked up from my address.
Money raised will go to the Bradley Lowery foundations. Please keep bids in the comments on this post and not replies so I dont miss them x x

Lynn x
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Very overwhelmed with the support and messages from everyone. I would just like to show you regardless of the pain he is in and that he is going through a hard time he still managed the most beautiful smile. #myhero #smilethatlightsuparoom
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24th of May 2017 07:42 PM
Sorry for the no updates everyone Iv been trying to process information myself. Bradley had a scan on Monday and it showed what we feared. Bradley's cancer is spreading at a very fast rate and he has now got lots of new tumours including in his lungs. The lump that was causing pain was originally thought to be a abscess has got bigger and they now believe it's a tumour. We are heart broken this is happening so fast.

Bradley is now receiving palliative care at home. He is going for radio therapy at the end of this week and next week but this is to control the pain in the hope we get him comfortable.

Lots of people keep asking how long has he got to live? I can't answer this as we don't know all we know is it's not long.

We have had messages asking where is the money going that has been raised. Please rest assured that all funds that have been raised for Bradley's treatment is going to be put into the Bradley lowery foundation charity. We are in the process of setting this up and further details of what our aims and objectives are will be published in due course. What I will say though because of all the support we have received from you lovely people we are now in a position to be able to help a lot of children.

Thank you to everyone
These are the people still missing after last nights terrorist attack in Manchester.
If you have seen these people and know of their whereabouts please contact the police, or email me on
[email protected] and I will pass on the details.
This is an awful situation, our thoughts are with all of the families affected x x

EDIT - unfortunately Saffi has been found and later gained her angel wings 😒 RIP little one x x
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Still no news as far as we aware please share and hopefully get them home.
Please share and spread the word.
This says it all really, it gives people a small insight on daily life πŸ’”
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Can the people in London please keep your eye out for this young lad, his family are worried so if you have any information contact the police.
Some brilliant picture from Bradley's party xx
Fireworks last night were spectacular thank you so much to Mark and the guys at PYROTEX FIREWORX. They left everyone speechless.
Wow where do I start??? This week has been crazy busy and extremely emotional. As you aware Bradley has been in hospital and in excruciating pain, we have found it so difficult to see our baby like this. Bradley spent his birthday in hospital and asleep most of the day as he is really not well. Myself and his daddy have spent our time rubbing his legs and comforting him the best we can.

On Thursday we were aloud to take Bradley home but unfortunately we have found another lump on his neck that is getting bigger very quickly and Bradley's consultant believes it is yet another tumour πŸ˜’πŸ’”

Thursday night we went along to pride of north east where Bradley accepted the child of courage award on behalf of all the courageous children fighting a daily battle.

Yesterday was Bradley's big birthday party and what an amazing party it was. Thank you everybody who was involved to make it so special, the fireworks at the end were out of this world Iv never seen a better display.

So has you can see we have had a pretty hectic emotional heart breaking week. This leads me nicely into what I would like to say next. I appreciate everyone who dose any fundraising no matter how little or big, no mater how much is raised for Bradley which will now go into his foundation to support other families due to the fact there is no treatment options available for Bradley now. I would love to be able to thank you all individually but Iv not got enough hours in the day, especially this week and Bradley can't do personal thank you's at the moment as he a very poorly little boy.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind messages of support and wishing my superstar a happy birthday. Thank you to my team I have helping me out going to events on behalf of Bradley and answering messages.
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19th of May 2017 04:56 PM
#bradsparty can we get it trending x x
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19th of May 2017 02:33 PM
Has anyone got some white chair covers for tonight that live near us??
Bradley not been feeling the best today but he still made the most of his tea party at the play room even though he was on his bed. He has a little message for all use lovely people that have wished him s happy birthday.
Bradley has had a settled night and he has had a lovely morning opening cards and presents. He is worn out now so he is having a nap recharging his batteries for later.

We have had lots of fun reading out his birthday wishes on his crowd funding and birthday page. Keep them coming and il get through as many as possible.

Can I ask people not to inbox their birthday messages we do appreciate you thinking of Bradley but it's hard to keep up with them.

Thank you guys
Can we get it trending for tomorrow
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Bradley is feeling a little better and his pain is slowly starting to improve. He is going to continue on antibiotics and be assessed each day and maybes have some radiotherapy.

We have decided that we are cancelling our holiday to America as we were meant to go on Sunday and we don't feel he will be well enough. However we are hoping to get there in a few weeks.

Bradley is super excited to turn 6 on Wednesday although he will be spending it in hospital and he is looking forward to his party on Friday.

We are still getting a lot of requests to send Bradley birthday cards. We do appreciate you thinking of Bradley but we are just getting over the Christmas cards πŸ˜‚ Therefore if you would like to wish Bradley a happy birthday you can do so on his birthday page. I will then read the messages out to Bradley. For people who would like to donate the cost of a card there is a crowd funding set up for this and I will also read these messages out but please don't feel you have to donate this is only if you would like to.

Thank you for all your support guys it is very overwhelming and means so much to us.
For everyone who didn't manage to get a program yesterday at the Sunderland vs Swansea game or you didn't get to the game here is the link that you can download it and then print it
Bradley has had an amazing day, we didn't think we would get there as you are all aware he is in a lot of pain with his legs and you could see this in the photos taken today. We checked and double checked with Bradley if he still wanted to go to the match today and he insisted he was going. He has fantastic determination and will power and who are we to disagree with him πŸ˜‚. I also thought we would leave early but Bradley had other ideas and stopped till the very end. He is very tired now and we back at hospital chilling out watching horrid Henry. Thank you to everyone who supported Bradley today and bought a match day program.
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Hi Guys Lynn here.
I would like to introduce you to Alex

Alex was born with Microtia or β€œsmall ear.” This condition affects around 1 in 6000 children.
The cause of microtia is not fully understood. It seems that a small blood vessel vital to the tissue that forms the ear becomes blocked during embryonic development and this prevents normal formation of the ear.
The ear develops in the embryo during first few weeks of life. As it forms a recognizable shape it also moves upwards to the side of the head. Any interruption in this process results in microtia.
Alex also has atresia, which is is the absence of an external ear canal and renders him deaf on that side. There are several ways to reconstruct his ear, but his parents are trying to raise around Β£30,000 which will enable Alex to have the opportunity to travel to the USA to see specialist Dr John Reinisch to reconstruct Alex’s ear for him and restore his hearing.

Please pop over to his facebook page and give it a like and a share.
We at Bradley's fight are helping Alex with his campaign to raise the vital funds he needs.

Many thanks
Lynn x
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13th of May 2017 06:32 AM
So it appears there has been a lot of controversy about the banner that is getting flown over the SOL today. I would just like to say we don't feel the banner is offensive or insensitive, I can understand why some people feel it is not appropriate. However the only thing we thought of when we heard about the banner is it was very thoughtful of people to want to raise awareness and raise funds for Bradley Frankie and Hope.
Bradley is still in so much pain and is struggling to cope with it but tonight I managed to get a smile for a few seconds to show all his supporters he appreciates your kind words.

So today I had a meeting with Bradley's doctors who are amazing by the way and they have said that there is no doubt there is more new tumours and the disease is progressing. However one of the sites they thought was a large tumour 6cm by 6cm could possibly be an abscess (this is where he is getting the pain) The scans have been checked and double checked but there is no way to be 100% unless a biopsy is done and this is not possible at the moment. Therefore they have decided to treat it with high dose intense Iv antibiotics for a week. We should know by Monday if the pain is easing either way what it is. This means Bradley is in hospital for a week and is more than likely spending his birthday in here.

The good news though (we always try to think of the positive) is that we are aloud to go to the Sunderland match for a few hours as long as brad wants to. I have asked brad and he is insisting he wants to go, I would also like to thank sunderland for making the day special and donating the proceeds of the programmes sold on Saturday to Bradley. We will most certainly be out by his birthday party and we are also hoping to still get to America but a definite decision on this will be made on Monday.
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Amazing from Sunderland one again, thank you πŸ‘Œ
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10th of May 2017 04:53 PM
Bradley has been experiencing a lot of pain over the past few weeks with his legs. Originally we thought it might of been off him doing to much playing. However he went down for an emergency MRI today and it has been confirmed that his cancer has progressed a lot and this is what is causing the pain.
The consultant is trying to organise radio therapy on the site to allow us to get to America but we will know more tomorrow.

This is not good news for us and things are moving to fast πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
2 year ago today my little hero was going down to theatre to get his central lines out so he could continue a normal childhood. At this point we never thought he would need another line, we were thinking positive our nightmare was over and the future was looking good.

2 year on he is going back down to theatre to get his line removed and a port put in but for a very different reason. This time it is so we can make as many memories as possible without being restricted in what he can do. This is heart breaking for us and something that we never thought we would have to deal with. I question why us? Why Brad? Why any innocent child every single day, life is cruel and unfair. However we are so very grateful we get a chance to make the memories as we have met so many parents on our journey that didn't get the chance. We are going through a really hard time but there are other people that are going through a harder time. So if you can take anything from this status please be thankful for what you have got and never be jealous of what you haven't.
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Bradley enjoying himself at the caravan making ginger bread men with his friend Millie. He is still in a lot of pain with his legs and gets very tired.
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