Fundraising Ideas

First of all THANK YOU for helping us help Bradley! We would not be able to do this without amazing people like yourself giving time and effort to arrange events in aid of Bradley.If you need help with PR and marketing for your event please contact: Mark Rycraft on 
Don’t forget to set up your fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving. Hartlepool Round Table is a Registered Charity and are helping us raise as much money as possible.


Just a little note to help you raise more money for Bradley.

Pages like Go Fund Me are brilliant but the all important Gift Aid can’t be added. We have access to an option where the Government adds a further 25p to every pound donated. We’ve teamed up with local charity Hartlepool Round Table to enable us to do this.



 More Fundraising Ideas

We’ve put together the top 10 tried and tested ideas that have helped other fund-raisers smash their sponsorship targets. Make sure your fundraising page is compelling and explains your motivation. Time your donation request as people are more likely to be generous with their sponsorship after pay day.

  1. Ask close friends and family to donate first as other people may then match their generosity.
  2. Tell people what your fundraising target is and what their contribution will help achieve for your charity.
  3. Add some perspective around a suggested donation e.g. £10 might mean missing a takeaway dinner.
  4. Set yourself small weekly fundraising targets rather than thinking about a daunting total target.
  5. Collect donations before your event – as soon as the money is received, we pass it on to your charity so they benefit straight away.
  6. Get friends and family to spread the word about your fundraising too – they’ll be keen to help you get more sponsors.
  7. Mention your fundraising event in your answer phone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can.


  1. Stay sober for a month
  2. Absail
  3. Give up your guilty pleasure and see how long you can last.
  4. Keep your lips sealed for a day and ask for donations.
  5. Shave off your hair and ask for donations.
  6. Clear out your house and auction off items you don’t need any more.
  7. Do good deeds for donations.
  8. Empty your pockets and donate loose change every night for a month.
  9. There are all sorts of ways local businesses can help raise awareness and more money for your fundraising event. Don’t be afraid to ask – it’s good PR for their business too.
  10. Contact local businesses
  11. Ask if you can put a poster in local shop windows, or leave some leaflets and a collection tin on the counter.
  12. Ask for prizes Rather than ask for sponsorship money, you could ask for donated prizes and then raffle them off to raise funds. You could end up with gift vouchers from shops, dinner prizes from restaurants, money to spend at a butcher’s etc.
  13. Promote their brand
  14. If a business needs some persuading, you could offer to promote them in return by wearing a t-shirt or jacket with their branding during your training or on the day of your fundraising event.
  15. Reach a wider audience
  16. Don’t limit yourself to retail businesses, think wider and contact local press, radio stations and editors of local newsletters. Remember, this is for charity and many organisations will be happy to give you another platform for your fundraising. You could try hospital radio, parish magazines, online bulletin boards – anywhere you can get your story told!
  17. Organise a long walk with friends and family and get sponsored.
  18. Turn swimming into a challenge – swim the equivalent of the English channel.
  19. Get sponsored for climbing a mountain or taking on the Three Peaks Challenge.
  20. Hold a longer zumbathon class and ask dancers for donations or collect sponsorship.
  21. Arrange a friendly football tournament and charge teams to enter.
  22. Offer to make and deliver breakfast for your neighbourhood and ask for donations.
  23. Hold a quiz night.
  24. Hold a themed party and get your friends to pay to take part.
  25. Hold a movie night with popcorn and snacks and charge for tickets.
  26. Offer your friends and family manicures, facials and pedicures, all in their own home for a fee.



  1. Hold a cake sale during a coffee or tea break.
  2. Donate a day’s wage and ask your employer to match your donation.
  3. Do a job swap with someone in your office and get sponsored.
  4. Office Olympics – see who’s the fastest typist? Place your bets and enter.
  5. Charge £2 per person to wear something red (Bradley’s Favourite Colour) to work to raise awareness of Bradley’s Fight.
  6. Sell Bradley’s Fight wrist bands at work.
  7. Joanna Feeney recommends a “skip lunch” event – this has been done previously to fundraiser for Anya Bentham who also has Neuroblastoma. Basically everyone pledges on a certain day to skip lunch in support of all the times Bradley has been told he can’t have anything to eat, and then donate their lunch money. “If everyone who likes Bradley’s page on Facebook Page did it could raise over £20,000″ The suggested amount is £3.50. As it is a relatively small amount can try to engage a larger amount of people.
  8. Sarah Flatman recommends Football Scratch Cards… Sarah bought the cards on eBay called ‘team fund raising football cards’ 25 cards for £2.30 – Each card has 40 football team names on You ask people if the want to pick a team for £1 and they could win £20 and they write their name under which ever team/s they choose. Then once all 40 teams are sold hopefully in a short space of time which keeps people keen…You then scratch the scratchy bit off the top of the card and it will reveal which team wins…The person with their name in the winning teams box is the winner of £20 and the other £20 goes to Bradley! Very simple and easy way if you can get rid of all 25 cards that’s £500 profit.
  9. Fundraising doesn’t have to start and end at home. Plenty of your colleagues will have waved a sponsorship form around, but you can be more creative.
  10. Get your message across.
    Whether your workplace has a staff only website or a noticeboard in the kitchen, make use of it to tell everyone about your fundraising event and the charity you’re raising money for.
    If you don’t ask…
    Be bold and ask your employer for a donation. Some of our fundraisers have even had their sponsorship totals matched by their employers.
    Holiday raffle.
    If your employer agrees, you could hold a raffle where the lucky winner gets a day off work!
    Jeans day.
  11. See if your employer will let you organise a ‘wear jeans to work day’. Charge everyone £1 to take part, which you could either walk round and collect or send out a link to your fundraising page to take the money – people may donate more that way.
  12. Donation of resources
    You could also ask at work if you can use some office supplies – you might be able to photocopy your posters or use other supplies to spread the word about your fundraising.
  13. Car wash day.
  14. Get a few friendly colleagues involved, roll up your sleeves and offer to wash cars for a donation.


  1. Test everyone’s musical knowledge with musical bingo.
  2. Host a street party.
  3. Hold a raffle with donated prizes.
  4. Host a ball in your school or with your local fundraising group.
  5. Strut your stuff in a fashion show and ask local businesses to sponsor the event.
  6. Organise a pink themed ball or fancy dress, raising money from ticket sales, food and drinks for Bradley’s Fight
  7. Have a car boot sale
  8. Sort out old clothes or unwanted gifts, then ask for donations or sell them on Ebay or at a car boot sale. If you tell people where the money will be going, they may even chip in a bit more for the things you’re selling.
  9. Organise a local pub quiz
  10. Have some fun while you’re fundraising. You could theme the questions around your event or charity and even ask the pub to donate the prize.
  11. Run a ‘human raffle’!
  12. Run a raffle and volunteer your services for the day as the prize. You’ll have some fun, promote your charity and generate some money all at the same time.
    Get baking!
  13. Selling cakes to friends or at work can be really profitable – who can say no to a cupcake with their cuppa?
  14. Earn some donations
  15. You could offer to help people with odd jobs – take dogs for walks, babysit, do ironing for friends and family. This way, people get something in return for their donation and may be more generous.
  16. Ask for birthday donations
    If you’ve got a birthday coming up, why not ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraising page instead of buying you a present – money they’d be spending anyway.