Thank you 

Overwhelmed this is the post just of this morning can’t thank people enough for all of their thoughts and well wishes love from Bradley and family xxx

Tired boy

Bradley has only woke up for a few drinks today and then went straight back off to sleep. The busy week he has had and the radiotherapy he had today has really taken it out of him. He has another 3 days to go for radiotherapy and then his oral chemo will start on Christmas Eve. Hopefully he will get plenty of rest this week ready for Christmas fun. Thank you for all your support guys it means a lot and the cards keep coming he may even get into the Guinness book of records 😉


Today we get to go to #sportspersonalityoftheyear we all super excited and very honoured for this opportunity. Bradley loves sleeping in hotels so he is exited about that the most. Sometimes it can be the simple things life that brings a smile to a child’s face. #bradleysfight #ourlittlefighter #neuroblastomaawareness

Bradley’s single 

Bradley’s single is out now!!!! It can be downloaded on Itunes, Amazon and Googleplay, all Profits from the downloads go to Bradley’s fight xxx
iTunes –

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Google Play – #oursuperhero

Ready for his radiotherapy

Bradley has been to hospital today to have his bloods done. They all look ok and he is ready for his radiotherapy to start on Tuesday. Bradley’s consultant did say after examining his bone marrow closer they thought they seen an abnormality which is probably neuroblastoma. This doesn’t change the plan for him just makes us aware it’s in more places than we think. We also got a phone call today to invite Bradley to #sportspersonalityoftheyear we are very honoured about this and over whelmed. Cards and presents are still coming in and I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart it has been a welcomed distraction from our reality. #bradleysfight #ourlittlefighter

Bradley’s Journey

Bradley has had a lot of new followers over the past week so I thought I would share his appeal video that was from back in 2014 to give everyone a bit of an idea of Bradley’s journey. This video shows up to just after his high dose chemo when he was going through treatment first time round. I will share the next video showing the rest of the journey in a few days.

Bradley had an amazing night at Sunderland training ground

Bradley had an amazing night at Sunderland training ground where he got to meet David Moyes and Martin Bain. He had lots of fun boxing with David and chatting away with Martin. Sunderland AFC are giving Bradley a trip to Harry Potter world at London for Christmas. Bradley was over the moon with this and mega excited to go. 
He is also getting the chance to score a goal tomorrow at the pre match warm up so if you going to the match he would love all your support to cheer him on. I can’t thank Sunderland enough for the support they are showing us and helping our family make special memories. 
Bradley has been to hospital today to get the planning done ready to start his radiotherapy next week. Emma who is in charge of giving the radio is amazing and explained everything so well. He has been very sleepy today but still had time to help open some of his cards and he is loving everything he is getting thank you so much for thinking of him at this hard time 👌

Hospital this afternoon 

Bradley has been to hospital this afternoon, we thought he was going to start his oral chemo but there has been a change of plan. The consultant has spoke to radio therapy department and they believe they can give radio therapy to Bradley’s tumour. This will reduce the amount of pain Bradley is getting and hopefully hold it from spreading for longer than expected which means getting a bit more time with him. He is back to hospital tomorrow to start the planning for it and will start next week. Once this is done he will then go onto oral chemo over Christmas. He will need around three weeks to recover before stating the antibody and chemo combination. The outcome will still be the same but I will do anything to get even one extra week with my hero. 
Make a wish have been on the phone and we are over the moon we are getting to go to euro Disney after the new year. Bradley is mega excited about this. 
Thank you so much for all your support it is amazing and really brings lots of comfort to us as a family. The cards money and presents are amazing it is like Christmas every day ❤️❤️❤️