Amazing time

Wow what an amazing time we have had at Everton. Bradley has loved every second of it. All the staff were amazing and the fans were even better. Definitely a day we will never forget. Thank you everyone for making it so special. #cancerhasnocolours #bradleysfight #rasingawarness

On our way home 

We on the last leg of our journey now so soon be home…..however we not home for long as Bradley has been invited down to Goodison Park on Sunday, before his treatment starts Monday. Bradley is super excited to walk on the pitch with the Everton Football Club players. Hope to see use all there to show our appreciation for the support you have shown us 👍🏻

Amazing time at Disney

Wow we have had such an amazing time at Euro Disney. Bradley has enjoyed himself and loved meeting all the characters. He has been brave and tried all the rides he could get on and we have had plenty of laughs. We are just waiting to bored the train to go back to London before home time tomorrow. #makeawish has certainly helped us make memories thank you. There are so many photos it took me ages to decide which one to show you guys…

Big Brother 

Happy birthday to my big brother Kieran….Bradley loves Kieran they have a very special bond that nothing will ever break. #brotherlylove ❤️❤️❤️

My story 

4 years ago today I was told that my baby had cancer at the age of 19 month. At the time I thought it was the worst day of my life, little did I know then that I had more of the worst days of my life moments to come. In 4 years I have had extreme amount of worry, stress, panic, and heart ache, I have been living a parents real life nightmare. 
They say god only gives you what you can handle……really????
They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger……really????
They say there is a rainbow at the end of the storm…..but it is so hard to see the rainbow when there are so many clouds and you can’t see the storm ending anytime soon. 
I try and be a positive person the majority of the time, however I do have my moments of weakness and when this happens my heart physically aches and my tears could fill a glass. 
However I will leave on the note that although I have had an awful time I have also had some amazing times and made amazing memories that will last forever. ❤️❤️❤️

How to donate 

Hi Guys
As of the 31st January the Virgin page campaign will be finishing. 

We have set up a temporary funding option as there have still been quite a few donations coming though for Bradley’s treatment/or for his Best Christmas.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Hartlepool round table for giving us the tools over the last 3 years to allow us to fundraise through their virgin giving page. 
For future payments please use the link below to ensure payments go direct into Bradley’s trust account. 
If you would like the donations to be used for Bradley now, please state in the comments section on the crowdfunding page so we can keep that separate. 
Any funds not used for Bradley’s treatments will all go towards setting up the Bradley Lowery foundation in the future, to ensure we can help other children with their fundraising campaigns

Harry Potter day out

Bradley has had an amazing time at London and Harry Potter studios today. It is all about making memories and having special family time. Thank you to Sunderland AFC for this amazing xmas present. We took loads of photos today but far to many to put on so here is one from the start the middle and the end 👌#bradleysfight #ourhero #makingmemories


Panto time at the gala theatre in Durham for us Bradley is excited. We would also like to wish Bradley’s two special friends from the hospital Help save frankie Sherwood and #ajourneyofhope a lovely time when they walk out at St James park we gutted to be missing it but we had already made plans ages ago to be at the panto.

Chemo Started update 

Hello everyone, sorry iv not updated for a few days but we have been spending some much needed family time. We have an amazing xmas and Bradley has had loads of fun. He has started his chemo and all is well so far apart from been a bit sickly but this can be controlled. We have a nice trip to a pantomime planned for today and then London to Harry Potter studios in a few days time. It is all about having fun and making special memories that will last forever.

Chemo Starts again 

A massive thank you to everyone who came along to our local community centre last night to help opening Bradley’s xmas cards. Iv read some amazing messages the support he has received is over whelming. I know Bradley has had a lot of media coverage compared to other children in the same position and I apologise to the people who don’t think this is fair but the bigger picture is that Bradley has brought childhood cancer to the forefront of people’s minds and hopefully a lot more children will benefit in the future from this. 
Bradley has had his last dose of radiotherapy today and starts his chemo tomorrow. 
Bradley’s girlfriend came to help last night and Bradley was so happy, they never left each other’s side, how cute is this photo? ❤️❤️❤️