Our Latest Update

Bradley has had a quiet week recovering but he has still managed to have lots of fun playing with his cousins. Bradley has a ct scan and a mibg injection on Tuesday, a MIBG scan on Wednesday and a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. These scans a very important as they will tell us if the new treatment is working or not.

Please pray scans are good next week, please pray that the treatment is working and my brave boy gets to spend more time on this earth lighting everyone’s day up with his beautiful smile.

Bradleys Latest Update

Bradley has had a chilled day watching films today. It will probably take a few more days before he starts to feel more like himself, but then hoping he has a good two weeks before the next round.

Bradley has been talking about his 6th birthday today and we have both been getting excited when discussing his massive party we are organising for him. He deserves the best birthday I can give him and hopefully I can pull it off.

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Bradley Plodding On

Bradley is still doing well, he has now finished with all the chemo and antibody for this round and we are hoping to be home tomorrow.

He will be getting scans in a few weeks so we will know more then if it is working.

Bradley has got some new glasses and he picked these ones because he thinks he looks like peter Parker, this pillow was off the Sunderland players he got some lovely presents.

A Hero’s Meeting

Bradley is doing well and has cheered up after having some very special visitors. Thank you to Sunderland AFC you have been amazing for Bradley.

Bradley had lots of fun with the boys and then fell asleep cuddling Jermaine.
#specialmemories #grateful.

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Latest Update On Bradley

Bradley has had a lovely weekend away having fun with his family. He is now back in hospital starting round 2 of the new treatment. Once we give this treatment a chance he will get rescanned to see if it is working (around 3 weeks time).

I hoping and praying it is and that we can continue on it, my baby deserves a break, he deserves a chance to live. #prayforbradley #ourfighter #bradleysfight #nevergiveup.  Please keep sharing our donation link, www.chasethewind.uk.  Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.


❗️❗️❗️please read ❗️❗️❗️

The new treatment Bradley is having in the UK is very expensive. Depending on how many rounds he has and if it is working it could cost around £500,000 for 12 rounds. (Bradley will be scanned after two rounds to see if it is working 🙏🏻)

When doctors told me Bradley had two months to live I decided not to give up on my baby that easy and to keep fighting not knowing what the outcome would be but anything is better than 2 month…. since then he has radio therapy which his doctor thinks could give him at least 6 months, which is amazing. I’m not sure if the new treatment will work or if it does how well it will work but as a mammy I’m thinking positive, hope is all I have left.

Thinking positive means I would like to hope if it does work there is still a possibility I will get him to America to get the treatment that is believed it would prevent the cancer coming back. These drugs are definitely not available in the UK which means i would have to go to the states for it.

Like I have mentioned previously this treatment costs at least £700,000 without extra expenses on top of that and because we would have to use a large chunk of what has already been raised for his current treatment we need to keep raising money.

So please if you would like to support us with this I would be eternally grateful. I give permission for any events to take place and for you to take any photos and information from Bradley’s social media accounts.

If Bradley doesn’t need the funds raised for him it will go into the Bradley lowery foundation to help other children with their fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.

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SAFC Jermaine Support for Bradley

Lovely message off Bradley’s best friend when he won child of courage and a special recognition award from the best of wear side. 👍🏻


In pain at the moment 

Lynn here, just had word from the Hospital, Bradley is in extreme pain at the moment, we where expecting this as the doctors will work on what pain meds etc are best suited to Brad on this specific treatment, so Gemma will update tomorrow, please keep Bradley in your thoughts and prayers xx

Bradley’s Chemo

Bradley has started his chemo today, tomorrow is when the antibody will be added in and this is when the side effects will start. He is in good spirits so far, he had a photo with his little friend today #ajourneyofhope #cuddles #friends. Hope has the same battle as Bradley and could really do with your support. If you would like to follow Hopes progress go give her page a like “a journey of hope” 👌